Saturday, September 15, 2012

California Screamin'

The Mickey Mouse head, which has since been replaced with a golden sun
-Disney California Adventure (Anaheim, CA, USA)
-120 feet
Top Speed:
-55 mph

California Screamin' is one of those rare Disney park attractions that features an inversion. The wait times are always relatively short. Once riders board, they are taken down to the lake in Paradise Pier and stationed right on top of the water. A countdown begins, followed by a launch sending the train at the top speed up a hill. The ride swerves and turns before beginning up the second hill, this time a chain lift. California Screamin's helixes are so massive that they hardly feel like helixes at all. Finally, riders dive into a vertical loop that goes around a large sun (it used to be a giant Mickey Mouse head, as pictured). California Screamin' is enormous, covering a whopping 6,072 feet. The length of the ride makes up for its relatively low speed, but best of all is the scenery. Riders enjoy a view of Disney California Adventure from up high, and a high-speed tour of Paradise Pier. I especially appreciate the structure of the ride, making it appear to be a vintage wooden coaster, while closer inspection reveals that it's a smooth steel coaster. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, California Screamin' offers excitement for all.

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