Saturday, September 15, 2012


-Buffalo Bill's Hotel & Casino (Primm, NV, USA)
-209 feet
Top Speed:
-80 mph
-Arrow Dynamics

Located on the border of Nevada and California lies Desperado, a massive 5,843 foot beast that broke records when it opened in 1994. Desperado really is in the middle of the desert, so don't expect a large crowd or long queues. For a $10 admission fee, you'll board inside the casino and immediately begin the 209-foot lift hill. I was unlucky enough to face this ride during a blazing summer day, so be warned of the heat. But once you're over the hill, Desperado plunges 225 feet, taking you underground before climbing an overbanked turn that will nearly throw you out of the vehicle. One thing to note is the ride's excessive use of banked turns and humps. Toward the end of the ride you'll spiral in and around a mountain which looks impressive from the outside, but inside it just looks like a mess of beams and pillars. Overall, the ride is great for people seeking a short thrill before heading to Las Vegas, but its bumpiness and location don't really make it worth a road trip. All in all, Desperado is a piece of history, as what was once the world's largest, tallest, and steepest coaster is now just another tourist trap in the Nevada desert.

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