Saturday, September 15, 2012


-Busch Gardens Tampa (Tampa, FL, USA)
-143 feet
Top Speed:
60 mph
Bolliger & Mabillard

Kumba: Translated from the African Kongo language, this word means roar. And it does just that. The Kumba takes riders through an astounding 7 inversions, including a Zero-G roll, Cobra Roll, and Double Corkscrew. This is one of those roller coasters that will have inversion-junkies in a frenzy, as the ride offers little other than spinning and spiraling. The ride takes you straight from a 135-foot drop into a vertical loop, and then a diving loop. At nearly 20 years old, Kumba is still one monster of a ride. In fact it's one of the smoothest for its age that I can even recall. Another unique feature is that the lift hill actually passes right through the first loop. After its final inversion, Kumba caps off by gliding through a metal tunnel, amplifying the screams of riders and the noise of the tracks to a high-volume roar. If you're in Busch Gardens Tampa, Kumba is the #1 attraction. Just make sure that those of you with weak stomachs only ride it once.

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