Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Roller Coaster

-New York New York Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV, USA)
-203 feet
Top Speed:
-67 mph

The Roller Coaster (creative name, huh?) is one of the most noticeable attractions on the Las Vegas strip. Riders board a train that looks like a New York cab, right above the casino floor. The ride begins with a large chain lift between New York New York's "skyscrapers" and stops at the top. The first dive goes right back up a hill, and the second drop is the most fun, plunging riders 144 feet before transitioning to a vertical loop. The ride's second inversion is a twist that leads right into a half loop. After this, the ride feels sort of tacked on, with lots of brakes and slow turns. At the end you'll travel back inside the casino, getting a brief glimpse of the slot machines and gamblers below, before exiting the ride. The Roller Coaster is a great way to get a view of the Las Vegas Strip, but it doesn't serve as much else. As I mentioned before, the second drop is wicked fun, but overall The Roller Coaster is mediocre for a $14 admission price. It's also rather hard to locate, taking you through many shops and arcades before finding the ride at the back of the casino; compared to Buffalo Bill's Desperado, which can be entered right from the casino doors. On its own, The Roller Coaster is nothing special. That said, it's got a great view of the Las Vegas Strip, and having never been on a Roller Coaster right in the middle of the city before, it's a new and fun experience. If you're staying in Vegas and you like roller coasters, or you're just under-21, The Roller Coaster might be a better way to spend your money than blowing it at the casino.

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