Wednesday, January 23, 2013


- Sea World Orlando (Orlando, FL, USA)
-149 feet
Top Speed:
-65 mph
-Bolliger & Mabillard

Bystanders can stand directly beneath
the ride as it passes overhead
Now, if you didn't know, "Kraken" at Sea World, Orlando is an almost identical twin of Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Scream!" As a proud California native, it hurts me to say it but Kraken is the superior coaster. The ride begins with a chain lift that towers above a lake. The track slowly lowers before turning into a steep drop and gliding into a 119 foot tall vertical loop, the sixth tallest in the world. If you managed to survive, you'll be thrown into a couple of cobra rolls and other inversions. A great feature of the ride is the scenery. Unlike Scream!, Kraken is surrounded by sights and nature. It also features a dive through an underground cave and a corkscrew that hurls riders above spectators that watch from below. The unique color scheme, as well as the location of this ride make it a fan favorite. I love the ride but personally don't understand all the hype, considering that Sea World's relatively new "Manta" attraction is far more thrilling. All in all, Kraken is a classic coaster that will satisfy the older generations of Sea World visitors.