Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dole Whip Stand

Left to right: the Tiki Room and the Dole Whip Stand

Right through the entrance to Adventureland, adjacent to the well-known Enchanted Tiki Room sits a discreet little stand with lines as long as the Indiana Jones queue. Rain or shine, there is a constant flood of customers at this otherwise inconspicuous hut. Seriously, this line can stretch all the way down to Jungle Cruise even on the gloomiest days. If ever you find a fellow Disneyland visitor with a pineapple juice or familiar swirls of yellow ice cream, this is where they got it.

Yes, this stand offers one of the best and most popular snacks in the park: Dole Whip pineapple soft-serve. This delicious snack can be ordered at the top of a glass of cool pineapple juice in float-form or on its own, but either way you're in for a treat. At only five bucks, it's worth the (relatively long) wait to find out what everyone's talking about.

 A delicious Dole Whip float with a customary umbrella
Price: $2.79 - $4.79
Location: Adventureland

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