Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hidden Gems: Tower of Terror Corpse!

Hollywood, 1939...
The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror is a thrilling drop tower ride that holds many homages to the 1959-1964 TV series, The Twilight Zone. The TV show was known for its creepy theme song and dramatic stories, so it should come as no surprise that the ride would be just as eerie. But not many are aware of just how eerie this ride can be...

When you're stepping off the ride, be sure to look under the left flight of stairs. Under the normal light, you'll see just the silhouettes of boxes in the dark. But be sure to bring a flashlight, because a bright enough light will reveal the feet of a corpse!

I was able to take this picture with my iPhone
If you're too terrified to ride the Tower of Terror but still want to see this hidden gem, ask a cast member near the exit if you can look for the body. They'll know what you mean.

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