Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Gullywhumper was one of the two Mike Fink Keelboats that used to take guests around the Rivers of America. Back in the days of Tom Sawyer's Island, the Gullywhumper and Bertha Mae sailed from 1955-1997.
The Bertha Mae in its heyday
The keelboats were based on the Disney TV show Davy Crockett, and were named after the "King of the River" character, Mike Fink. After the Gullywhumper capsized, the ride was shut down for good. The Bertha Mae was bought on eBay by Richard Kraft, and featured in his documentary, Finding Kraftland. But what happened to the Gullywhumper?

The Gullywhumper remained in the Rivers of America as a prop for spectators on the Disneyland Ltd., where it deteriorated over the years.

Guests on the train could watch the Gullywhumper slowly begin to sink
In 2010, the Gullywhumper was replaced with a new keelboat; a more faithful prop built to sit in the water as a tribute to what once carried guests around the rivers.

The new Gullywhumper
It even says "Gullywhumper" on the side

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