Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5: Fastest FastPasses

There are some rides at Disneyland that are worth a long wait, but sometimes you just aren't in the mood to wait 50 to 100 minutes for a ride you've been on before. Maybe it's 80 degrees on a summer day and you don't feel like waiting for more than 25 minutes in the sun for Indiana Jones. Luckily for us, Disneyland created the FastPass.

First introduced in 1999, Disney's FastPass lets you skip a portion of the wait time for most rides with a long line. This ticket, usually activated 45 to 65 minutes after receiving it, allows you to spend time that would've been wasted in line on enjoying other attractions in the park. While it's nice to have a FastPass for any ride, there are some that are more worthwhile than others.

5. Grizzly River Run

It's scorching and you've come up with the brilliant idea of making your way to the only water ride in California Adventure. Unfortunately, it seems like half the people in the park had the same idea, making the line over an hour long. Even though they board quickly, you'll be waiting here for a while. The FastPass line, however, never stops moving.

4. California Screamin'

One of Disneyland's few traditional roller coasters that always has a full queue, California Screamin'. Although this magnet-powered ride moves bullet-fast, the wait seems pretty long. A FastPass in this line will have you on the ride in no time.

3. Space Mountain

When you're in Tomorrowland, there is one attraction that you're most likely here for. But if you've waited for a ride on Space Mountain on a usual day, you know that it moves anything but quickly. Half the wait is spent winding around an elevated courtyard with nothing to look at but your watch, and when you finally think you're getting somewhere, inside the building is the other half of the line. The reason this FastPass is higher on the list is mainly because of how unpleasant the outdoor wait is. The FastPass lets you go right inside where the queue is actually decorated to fit the ride's outer space theme.

2. Indiana Jones

Similar to the last ride mentioned, the main reason this FastPass is so great is because you're skipping a long wait in the sun. The outside wait is long and sweltering while you spend the entire time wishing you could just get inside. With a FastPass, you're missing the only unpleasant part of the line. Once in the building, the queue is fun and elaborately decorated, so the wait from there is not bad at all.

1. Splash Mountain

The line for this ride is 45 minutes or more year round, not just in the summer. The fact that this ride is number one on the list is a no brainer. This is one of the best rides in the park and I would stand in any line for it, but comparing the full wait to the FastPass line is impossible. While the main line is a long, slow-moving wait outdoors, a FastPass will take you past more than two thirds of the line. Really, there is nothing more satisfying than running through this line with your ticket.

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