Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mickey-Shaped Confections

Mickey Mouse can be seen all over the park; on memorabilia, balloons, even hidden on rides. But what mascot-obsessive amusement park would be complete without Mickey-shaped ice cream?

It's fun to bite the ears off
That's right, you can purchase these from pretty much any ice cream vendor around the park. If you've ever been to a Disney Park, chances are you've seen these all over the place. Why? Because they're great, that's why. These frozen treats are made by Nestlé, and come in two varieties. First, there's the chocolate-dipped ice cream bar shaped like the famous minimalist Mickey Mouse head.

Mickey-shaped ice cream sandwich
Then you have my personal favorite, the Mickey ice cream sandwich. It's like a regular old Klondike Bar, except it's in the shape of Mickey Mouse. What are you waiting for? Next time you're planning to wait outside for the upcoming parade or It's A Small World, grab yourself a NestlĂ© Mickey-shaped ice cream.

Price: $4.25
Location: Anywhere

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