Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cozy Cone: Ramone's Pear of Dice Soda

Back to the Cozy Cone Motel. Visit the cone furthest to the left for an exotic soft drink experience known as Ramone's Pear of Dice soda (pair of dice + paradise + pear = triple pun). It's a purple-colored soda that, as the name suggests, tastes like pear.

(Spoiler: it's just Sprite with pear-flavored syrup)
As strange as the idea might seem, the pear soda is one of my personal favorite drinks at Disneyland. Why it's purple is a mystery to me, but it gives it a unique look that is sure to raise some eyebrows throughout the park. If you like strange or unusual sodas, the Pear of Dice Soda is a tasty concoction that makes a great introduction to the rest of the drinks sold at the Cozy Cone.

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