Friday, April 12, 2013

Top 5: Worst Disneyland Guests

Disneyland: the Happiest Place on Earth. Sometimes a visit to the D's can bring out the worst in people, especially with the constantly rising prices of admission. But most of the time, behavior is exhibited at Disneyland that is simply uncalled for -- especially in an environment where children are running free. If you find that one of the entries on this list apples to you, please make a change. Sincerely, most patrons of Disneyland.

5. Flash Photographers

Now, before we begin, I'm not talking about the infamous "flash mountain" incidents. Disney seems to take care of those pretty well. No, these guests seem to appear mostly on Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. You know who they are. They fill up their camera roll with blinding flash pictures of every possible angle of the ride. And it seemingly never ends. As this practice is against park rules, a cast member will almost always come over the intercom and tell them to stop. But what are they going to do, shut down the ride? Flash photographers will continue to disrupt the ride and ruin the Disney experience with a flash going off every five seconds. Because everyone just NEEDS to have a picture of the treasure room.

"Turn off the flash, ye fo'c'sle swab!"
4. Shrieking Adults

Sometimes rides can be scary for children. If they're scary to the point where a child is screaming, I say they should ride something else. But that's not my decision to make. However, an adult should never encourage children to scream. I often see this on The Haunted Mansion and Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. My last experience on ToT included a grown woman and her daughter having a "screaming contest". That's fine and all once the ride starts, but I had to endure this while waiting for the ride to even begin. Please don't make a habit of shrieking for no reason, it's really unpleasant to everyone else around you. You're on a ride with dozens of other people and making all of them miserable.

3. Parents Who Force Their Children Onto Rides

This sort of goes in line with the one above, in the context of parents allowing their child to scream and whine. Sometimes a child who is screaming and crying their red eyes dry, will be dragged aboard a roller coaster or scary ride that they don't want to take part in. It's not so much an annoyance, as it is a disturbing display of bad parenting. I don't care how long you waited, your child should never have to ride something that they don't want to. It can be traumatic and damaging for a kid to have to endure something they don't want or have to. I once saw a screaming, crying child being forcefully lifted into Astro Orbitor after throwing up on himself. Utterly disgraceful.

2. Parents Who Use Strollers as a Weapon

 These people I have heard quite a bit of criticism about, across the message boards, and happen to despise them myself. They let their 5-year-old sit in a stroller so they can charge around the park mowing down anyone in their path. Some people with strollers feel entitled to the road, and carelessly bulldoze through crowds. Have you ever come face-to-face with a stroller, and tried to go around them while they swerved in every which direction you turned? Every. Freaking. Time.
Seriously, they should have background checks for people who want to rent strollers. Some people are considerate and actually care about their children and other guests, while some take advantage of these machines.
My advice: either wear close-toed shoes to Disneyland, or prepare to have bruised toenails by the end of the day.

1. Covert Cutters

These are hands-down, the worst people you will encounter at Disneyland. They send a seemingly innocent scout to wait in line while the rest of them go off and do God-knows-what. After waiting for about 30 minutes, the rest of their party all cuts through the line to join them. This type of behavior should be reported, and belongs nowhere in an amusement park.
Once while waiting for Dumbo, a man and his son were in front of my group in line. They saw the rest of their family and signalled for them to meet up. Right as I was about to roll my eyes and step out of the way, the father ushered us to the front saying, "You two should go ahead of us." I've never seen such class at Disneyland in my life.
Other times, there'll be someone waiting for a pack of nine people to cut in front of you. All you can do is sit back and watch them multiply like bacteria. You waited longer than them, why should you have to wait even longer? If there's just one person, I will gladly let them go ahead. If someone needs to leave the line briefly to go to the bathroom or buy a drink, I don't mind at all. But having a large group of people cut through the line to meet up with one or two people? Despicable. Do everyone else a courtesy and go to the back of the line where you belong.

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