Sunday, April 14, 2013

Turkey Leg

Don't underestimate this beast of a meal; it isn't your average piece of poultry. The Disneyland turkey legs are ginormous, and aren't exactly light as a feather. We recommend you find a place to sit before chowing down -- and more importantly, find a few other people to share it with.

What can I say? They're deliciously salty, but they don't go overboard with the salt. The outer layer is extra juicy, so make sure you pick up some napkins, but once you get past the skin, the meat around the bone isn't so greasy. Each layer that you tear through gets more and more tender, and if you've braved one of these on your own, you will no doubt need a large bottle of water to wash it down. It makes for a great lunch, especially if you have your family with you, but with tax included you'll need quite a big budget to afford them. Of course, don't be intimidated by the price; you'll get just as much meat as you paid for. They're available at numerous locations throughout both parks, so stop by and pick up one of these monster drumsticks. You'll feel like a Viking.

Price: $8.99
Location: Anywhere

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