Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corn Dogs

One of the best and quickest food experiences you will find at Disneyland is the famous Main Street corn dog truck. Served out of a traditional 1920's-era catering truck, for 6.19 you can get a large hand-dipped corn dog and a choice of either chips or apples. That price might seem hefty, and, well it is. But if you enjoy corn dogs, prepare to take a bite out of one of the best corn dogs of your life.

The sweet, crispy layer of batter and the salty, flavorful hot dog inside are a deliciously contrasting blend. One of my favorite things about these corn dogs is that the stick only goes about an inch deep, so you can cut the dog with a knife, or bite into it without worrying about eating around the stick.

As mentioned before, the price is pretty steep, but you do get a snack with it. If you're looking for a cost-efficient lunch, you may want to find a pretzel stand or something else. But the amount of food you're getting is quite filling, and certainly worth a try.

Price: 6.19
Location: Next to the Plaza Inn

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