Thursday, May 9, 2013


Autopia made its debut in Tomorrowland on opening day in 1955. It remains one of the most famous and beloved rides in Disneyland. However, there was once another, smaller speedway that occupied Fantasyland. In 1957, Midget Autopia was born; a child-friendly version of Autopia with non-functioning steering wheels. And it was kids-only.

It existed until 1966, when it was donated to a municipal park in Marceline, Missouri, the place where Walt Disney was raised. The ride was not built to last, and was taken down a few years later. The cars remained in a Disney museum in Marceline, but one was returned to its rightful home: Disneyland.

That car was bronzed and put on permanent display in Tomorrowland, where it sits in front of riders of the current Autopia. Most drivers young and old, will likely ignore this piece of history; unaware that it once gave children their first taste of the road. Still, it's great to be able to enjoy memories of that classic ride some 50 years later.


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