Thursday, May 16, 2013


In 1957, Disneyland welcomed a new water ride, the Fantasyland Motor Boat Cruise. Guests could speed around a waterway track in their own motor boat, underneath the tracks of the Monorail, Viewliner, and Junior Autopia.

The steering wheels were non-functioning decorations
The ride was simple and enjoyable, and saw many prosperous years in the park. As the years went by, countless attractions came and went, and it was only fitting that in 1991, Motor Boat Cruise began to come to an end.

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In 1991, the Motor Boat Cruise was re-branded as the Motor Boat Cruise to Gummi Glen. In a brief effort to revive the fading motor boat ride, cut-out characters and settings from the NBC cartoon, Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, were placed about the banks of the river to give the ride a theme. Unfortunately, it didn't last, and in 1993 the ride made its final run. However, as the boats may be gone, the waterway lives on, and you can still see some of the banks and turns from the monorail. But perhaps best of all, the loading dock is still 100% intact, and is now used as a rest stop. Though most guests may not recognize or even acknowledge this little awning as any more than a resting place, it was once a queue for a historic ride that will live on in the patrons' memories.

The loading dock today


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