Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hidden Gems: Indiana Jones and the Secret Code

Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye; Adventureland's most popular attraction, based on Lucasfilm's action-packed adventure saga. The Indiana Jones series is full of mystery and hidden secrets, and the Imagineers behind the ride intended to immerse guests in just the same sort of setting. When the ride first opened in 1995, guests in line were handed "Marabic" decoder cards, little cards that helped to transliterate the petroglyphs throughout the waiting queue. The fictional language of Marabic follows a similar style to the English alphabet, with a few exceptions. After a few months, the cards were no longer distributed, and guests had to rely on others to crack the codes.

"True rewards await those who choose wisely"
Well, thanks to the internet, we can now solve these mysteries for ourselves. Make sure that the next time you decide to wait for over an hour to board Indiana Jones, you've got one of these with you.

One of the original decoders
Of course, if you feel like deciphering these texts is a waste of time, you can find a list of all of the transliterated messages here. Maybe someday in the distant future, the Temple of the Forbidden Eye will truly be an ancient relic, and these translated messages will be lost in time.

"Drink deeply the water of life"

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