Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hidden Gems: Haunted Mansion Bullet Hole

I guess we'll keep this short, since Disney Parks officials have confirmed very little information on this subject to the public. That said, a rather disturbing truth stands that around the summer of 1974, a guest concealed a firearm within the park and fired off multiple rounds. The two confirmed gunshots struck both the ballroom wall in the Haunted Mansion, and a snowflake on Adventure Thru Inner Space, respectively. A third hole was found in the Primeval World diorama on the train, and is speculated to have been made by the same culprit.

Not an actual photograph
Many rumors have circulated that perhaps it was a kid causing trouble, or maybe a drunk that snuck into the park at night. All we know for certain (thanks to an Anaheim police investigation) is that it was indeed a .22 caliber round in both cases, due to bullet fragments matching at both scenes. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it still makes one question if park security has heightened since the event. It was 39 years ago, so I don't think we have to worry. Bag-checking customs and incognito security guards are everywhere.

So can you still see the bullet holes? Not exactly. But next time you ride the Haunted Mansion, when you leave the ballroom scene with dancing ghosts just before entering Madame Leota's room, look out for a spiderweb on the glass in front of you. That was Disney's solution to covering up the incident. Supposedly the pane of glass is so large, that replacing it would mean destroying the roof of the building.


  1. Replies
    1. It's the window you look through into the entire ballroom scene, so it's quite big.

  2. It's on the glass just before heading to the attic. Madame leota is before the ballroom scene

  3. Its the second to last glass on the left of the ballroom scene before heading into the attic. Madame Leota is the séance scene you go past right before entering the ballroom.