Friday, July 12, 2013

Splash Mountain: Animatronics Still Broken

The singing crocodile is nowhere to be seen
I visited Disneyland recently and noticed something wrong. For the past several weeks, there has been a glaring aberration on Splash Mountain. Many of the famed audio-animatronics have yet to be fixed. Everyone's favorite hitchhiking croc, the porcupine playing the happy turtle like an instrument, and even Br'er Bear, are completely stationary. Normally, Br'er Rabbit would push his handcar from side to side just as the riders pass underneath, but he too has lost his momentum.

In this scene, Br'er Bear is supposed to tip his hat and bob up and down, but now we see no movement at all. I remember first noticing these malfunctions during the 24-Hour Monstrous Summer event, on May 24th. That was 49 days ago. I think that the obvious reason the Imagineering Department is hesitant to fix these, is that it would mean shutting the entire ride down. With Big Thunder Mountain under construction, Disneyland would lose another of its most popular rides. Especially during a hot summer like this one, losing Splash Mountain would be a huge blow. Just remember that most of these animatronics were made in the 1970's for America Sings, and they're not going to last forever.

Many of the animals in the ride's grand finale are frozen like this


  1. I noticed this too the last time I was there about 3 weeks ago.

  2. Yep still down when we went for Unleash the Villians in October

  3. Everything except for the hitchhiking crocodile was working for me today (oct 6 2015)