Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Changes to Club 33

Disneyland's secret club, known as Club 33, is about to undergo major refurbishments.

Club 33 is located in a discreet New Orleans Square building adjacent to Pirates of the Caribbean. Members pay a whopping $25,000 initiation fee, on top of a $10,000 annual admission fee. That does not include admission to Disneyland, or the meals served in Club 33. Reservations must be booked months in advance, and a meal alone typically costs around $150.

So with all that extra cash, it's quite expected that Disneyland should update the famous club. Members can expect to see a completely new atrium, kitchen, lounge, new furniture. The menu is also to be updated, but no specific changes have been announced. The club is scheduled to close for half the year beginning in January, so hang tight, 33ers.

Of course, if you're not one of the few members of Club 33, you will not experience any changes whatsoever. But don't worry, Disneyland has probably got something in store for all of us.

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