Tuesday, September 3, 2013

California Adventure's Back Entrance Bars Regular Guests

A relatively unknown and never-crowded entrance to Disney California Adventure, located near the courtyard of the Grand Californian Hotel, has recently been changed to disallow regular guests before the hour of 11:00 AM.

This may seem like a minor setback, but it is entirely unfair. I'd love to stay at the Grand Californian, but I already drop $500 on myself alone each year for an annual pass. I live relatively close-by and have no reason to stay overnight on park grounds. So why should I be denied entry?

To be fair, the entrance has always been intended to allow hotel guests easier access to the park, but it has never excluded non-hotel guests. I guess maybe I'm getting a bit riled up over it, especially since the entrance is open to all guests after 11, but I still think this is another ploy to get more money out of us.

Now, if my entering the park in any way interfered with the hotel guests, or made it less convenient for them to get into the park, I would understand. But I tried to get into the park one morning with nobody else in line, and was told to turn around and go to the main entrance. Come on guys, let's be reasonable to the customer.

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