Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jungle Cruise to Become Jingle Cruise for Holidays

For the first time ever, the Jungle Cruise is getting a holiday makeover.

The Jungle Cruise, which first opened in 1955, has never been quite as festive as most other rides. But this holiday season it will be adorned with Christmas-themed decorations. Additionally, skippers will add some holiday-themed jokes to their arsenal. Keep your eye opened for these upcoming changes beginning next month at both the Disneyland and Disney World resorts.

Friday, October 18, 2013

100th Post!

This marks the 100th post in Disneyland Report history. Thank you to the thousands of readers who have been viewing the blog and sending us messages! We appreciate every one of you.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, things they'd like to see us write or even improve upon, don't hesitate. Let us know how we can make the next hundred posts even better.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy

Every year around Halloween time, Disneyland makes some pretty big changes. One noteworthy makeover takes place in Space Mountain. Each fall, the ride portion of the beloved attraction becomes spookier than usual.

You enter a dark tunnel -- pitch black -- and are greeted by a fiery skeletal ghost. You're followed all around by demons chasing you through the galaxy. At the end, there's a startling surprise.

Unlike the Haunted Mansion's Halloween decorations which make it a fun and cheerful experience, Space Mountain becomes even scarier at this time of year. So if you're looking forward to some Halloween thrills with the kids, or if you like quality amusement park entertainment, check out Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy before it's too late.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Market House Starbucks Review

Finally, after much ado, I've made some time to visit the park during this busy school semester. The first thing I wanted to visit was the brand new Starbucks that just opened on Main Street, USA.

As expected, they've gone with a vintage look, just like the location on Buena Vista Street. But the quaint, old-town exterior doesn't quite reflect the cafeteria-like setting indoors.

As you can probably tell, the Starbucks is much more popular than the coffee shop that used to be here, with a queue set up that snakes around the entire building. There are several cash registers and only one pickup counter, which is a total nightmare. While waiting for our drinks I saw at least four people return their orders. I was amazed at how friendly the staff was amid so much heavy traffic.

Although I didn't expect much at all, I was pretty underwhelmed by how poorly the place was set up. If you really need coffee in the morning (which many of us do), I recommend that you pick some up outside the park. I personally detest Starbucks coffee, but it's convenient enough that I'll get some once in a while from the DCA location. Go there instead if you have an annual pass or parkhopper. On the other hand, the coffee cart outside Frontierland makes fantastic coffee. All I know is, I'll probably stay away from this Starbucks at least until the hype dies down.