Monday, October 14, 2013

Market House Starbucks Review

Finally, after much ado, I've made some time to visit the park during this busy school semester. The first thing I wanted to visit was the brand new Starbucks that just opened on Main Street, USA.

As expected, they've gone with a vintage look, just like the location on Buena Vista Street. But the quaint, old-town exterior doesn't quite reflect the cafeteria-like setting indoors.

As you can probably tell, the Starbucks is much more popular than the coffee shop that used to be here, with a queue set up that snakes around the entire building. There are several cash registers and only one pickup counter, which is a total nightmare. While waiting for our drinks I saw at least four people return their orders. I was amazed at how friendly the staff was amid so much heavy traffic.

Although I didn't expect much at all, I was pretty underwhelmed by how poorly the place was set up. If you really need coffee in the morning (which many of us do), I recommend that you pick some up outside the park. I personally detest Starbucks coffee, but it's convenient enough that I'll get some once in a while from the DCA location. Go there instead if you have an annual pass or parkhopper. On the other hand, the coffee cart outside Frontierland makes fantastic coffee. All I know is, I'll probably stay away from this Starbucks at least until the hype dies down.

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