Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MagicBand Admission at Walt Disney World

Disney World in Orlando, Florida seems to be ahead of the amusement park curve when it comes to admission technology. Before, we were introduced to thumb-print scanners that recognized and granted guest entry with forensic technology. Now, Disney World has implemented the MagicBand, a rubber wristband that allows the wearer easy park access, hotel room entry, and even Fastpass privileges.

The MagicBand is not just a band, it contains computer data not unlike a Disney World annual pass. Gates have been updated throughout the Disney World park accommodating MagicBand technology. The MagicBand also has little holes on the underside where the user can pin decorative tokens to personalize their band.

Disneyland isn't nearly as large or as populous as Disney World, so I don't expect that we'll need a hands-free technology like this any time soon. I imagine that the MagicBand cuts down monumentally on wait-times all over the park. However, it would be pretty cool to see an efficient system like this being used at Disneyland too.

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