Friday, October 30, 2015

Abandoned Desert Water Park

Author's note: This was the first post I ever wrote for Disneyland Report. Soon after I decided to adhere to a Disney theme, and this post was removed. However, I thought it was fitting for a Halloween post, so I'm bringing it back. I'm not sure about the state of the water park today, but this would have been from my Vegas trip around August 2012. 
Happy Halloween!

You're travelling down Interstate 15 just east of Barstow; Las Vegas bound. There are towering water slides sporting bright colors. Is it a mirage? No, it's the Rock-A-Hoola Water Park!

Or so it was.

This ambitious water park had a mere 6-year run before it faced total abandonment in 2004. Rock-A-Hoola featured 18 water slides, a lazy river, and other typical water park attractions. It was built by Bob Byers in 1998 as part of his famous man-made Lake Dolores water park, the self-proclaimed first water park in America. Rock-A-Hoola had a 1950's theme, paying homage to the musical greats of the 50's, as well as the historic Route 66, where the park stands. Guests could ride such attractions as the Doo Wop Super Drop and Big Bopper while listening to classic 1950's music played around the park. The park also featured a video arcade, cafe, and gift shop.

A few years after the park's demise, Rock-A-Hoola remained in remarkably good shape. The slides were left intact and there was a surprising lack of vandalism. That is, until no foreseeable future came to the park, and it was abandoned by security. Rock-A-Hoola's location on one of America's busiest highways between two of America's busiest cities make it one of Route 66's most curious landmarks. The park may be closed for business, but you can still check it out today.

The buildings have rotted away in the desert winds, and the paint has been done over by graffiti.

The Lazy River once carried people around the park. Now, it houses battered beach chairs and the broken shambles of old water slides.

The Lazy River Cafe used to feed hungry guests. It now stands as an eerie centerpiece for the park, with dilapidated soda fountains at each window.

Check out other images we took at the desolate Rock-A-Hoola Water Park:

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