Sunday, January 24, 2016

STAR WARS: Season of the Force - STAR TOURS

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In keeping with Tomorrowland's recent Star Wars makeover, Star Tours has added scenes to promote the release of the new movie. 

The line for Star Tours wasn't too bad when I went two weeks ago. My friend and I went a few times to get a feel for the ride, and to see if you see the same scene every time. Yes, every ride takes you to Jakku with the Millennium Falcon, and BB-8 relays a hologram message each time. The second planet you visit will be a random planet from the regular rotation.

To begin with, I really liked the Jakku scene. The desert landscape with the crashed Star Destroyer is a great setting for Star Tours. I had no idea John Boyega was going to appear, and that was an awesome surprise for me. My friend, on the other hand, was disappointed that they didn't use Daisy Ridley.

So, apart from what I already mentioned, there's nothing else remarkable about the ride. We noticed that the animatronic C-3PO in the waiting queue was improved. They finally fixed that hand.

Anyway, I'm sure this update to Star Tours will be here for a while, so that everyone gets to see it. I hope that rather than making this permanent, they simply add Jakku to the random mix of planets in the ride at some point. Is that too unrealistic?

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